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we are Vital Grains.


Meet the family and the Vital Grains crew.

Ben Pederson and His Family

What is Vital Grains? A new name for sure, but more than that, it’s a new direction. A new approach to an essential, life giving, and timeless occupation. A grain farming philosophy that challenges status quo. A philosophy that proves you can be a leading steward of the land and produce top yields at low cost. It’s a change in approach from closed doors, to red carpet transparency so everyone can learn about what we do, because the environment and the food we eat are Vital to all.


To truly know what Vital Grains is, you must first know who it is. It all started with Raymond Pederson, grandson of a Danish pioneer.  After serving in the military, starting a family, and a service station in Rake, Iowa, Ray wanted more. His heart, his dreams were on a farm, so at age 35 he chose risk over regret.


Ray’s choice to move his family to Lake Mills, Iowa and buy a hilly, rocky farm in 1962 is the seed that sprouted Vital Grains. His spirit of not settling for the path most taken still guides us today. It was passed on to his son Gary who, with his wife Cindy, grew the farm beyond what his father ever imagined. Now his grandson, Benjamin, with the support of his wife and four children, is the founder, owner, and operator of Vital Grains.


Reverence for our heritage, devotion to our present, and a new vision for our future.

Winston the Shop Dog

The Crew


Giving their blood, sweat, and cheers to our mission.


Gary and Luca Pederson


Keeping us grounded.


It is the one word that best summarizes our ambition.  Through decreased expenses and increased productivity, we are financially sustainable today. We are fighting to reduce resource consumption, diminish soil erosion, and improve soil health so future generations of a growing population will always have enough to eat.

The Purpose
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