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The Process

The Vital SYSTEM

These five techniques make us a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and profitable operation. Reach out to us to learn how we can bring financial returns on your farmland from the ground up. 


Dump Trucks of Soil Saved per Year

What do you do with something that is costly and potentially harmful when not used correctly? Put it only where you need it! Our strip till approach disturbs only about 1/3 the soil surface to dry and warm the seeding zone. Compared to traditional tillage, our system can save 3.5 tons of soil per acre per year … that’s at least 12 dump trucks full per 150-acre field per year! Top soil is one of humanity’s most important and irreplaceable assets, not to mention a sound financial investment. Fighting to conserve this precious resource is a battle we can’t afford to lose!

Source: National Resource Center Service


Our core values, from which it all grows.





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